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Success Training Institute is our 3rd party provider of high income skills development that has been proven to transform professionals from all walks of life. Elevate your confidence, your resume, your relationships and more with Elamant U. 

In 8 minutes or less per day, you can transform your career and your life. Our mobile friendly, video based online curriculum addresses the topics business professionals need most. Learn and earn on the go with Elamant U. 


Entrepreneurs, home based business owners and leaders of all types and backgrounds need the certifications that actually translates to success in the real world. Our platform opens the door for you to become the BEST version of Yourself! 

Elamant Soft Skills Training Courses

Learn at your own pace, take the courses you need most and earn certifications in as little as six weeks. Our cutting edge essential skills programs allow you to access courses on-demand from your mobile phone or laptop; giving you the ability to “Grow on the Go”.

Each power-packed, original lesson offered by Elamant™ is delivered in high-quality video segments of 8 Minutes or Less. Improve your essential skills and expand your opportunities. Gain the skills required to succeed in today’s economy. Once you enroll, you’ll be on the path to becoming Certified, Qualified, and Completely Satisfied with your professional  development. 

Specialty Team Building I

Prepare to be amazed as you enjoy this soft skills training course conducted live before an eager group of business builders. No matter what team

Cultivating Creativity

Have you ever had a great idea that you never carried out? This course is for you and countless others who want to know how

Prospecting Excellence

In sales, it is important to maintain a vibrant pipeline of referrals. Therefore, prospecting is the lifeblood of salespeople from almost every industry. Learn the