Meet (New and Improved) Big Data.

We live in a society where data collection dominates. Grocery stores offer discounts on products in the form of “rewards points” in exchange for a bit of our personal information. Credit card companies track our purchases and even reward us for data with cash back benefits and other incentives. Cellular phone companies know the calls we make, the trips we take and the apps we download. Now add online stores, streaming video services and email providers and everything about our lives seems tracked from start to finish. And just when you think you know all about data, a new company emerges to change the game yet again.

Meet Elamant International, an Ed Tech company with a twist on data collection that just might be the next big thing. Elamant incentivizes everyday people like you and me, to save their receipts and upload them to its network. If it sounds boring and tedious (who wants to save receipts, right?) just wait; the “twist” is coming. Collecting and uploading the receipts is just a small part of a much bigger picture. You see, Elamant incentivizes you to share real shopping experiences. They don’t just want your receipts; they want to prove a point and are willing to reward you in many ways just for helping them do so.

According to Elamant CEO Ryan Evans, Elamant is on a mission to help everyday people improve their lives by exposing them to the data the collect the most and know the least: Key information about themselves. For example, how does your personality type impact your shopping habits? How much time do you spend on personal and professional development? Is your ambition a reflection of the products and services you buy or vice versa? How much does you earnings potential increase with proper entrepreneurial training? How much does your confidence increase with mentorship? These are questions most of us can’t answer. However, the Elamant ecosystem is changing the way we see data, the way we use data and most of all its teaching the world how to maximize their own data to make them better than ever before. Sound interesting yet?

Visit and take a deep dive into Ed Tech Company that uses data to develop YOU!

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