More “Elephants” Spotted in Africa.

If you visit South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana and other the parts of the motherland, you’re sure to see one of the greatest animals in nature: the African Elephant. Known for its size, power and dedication to family, the elephant has been admired for centuries. Today, if you’re an entrepreneur living in Africa, you may have heard of another elephant that’s growing at an incredible pace. It’s in the form of a new company known as Elamant International.

Elamant features the African Elephant in its logo and has built a home-based business culture that mimics the elephant’s most appreciated traits. First, the Elamant ecosystem is protects its new members by making sure they’re properly trained on its online professional development platform. The elephant herds are known for surrounding their young until they’re strong enough to defend themselves. This is the principle that guides Elamant. New members must earn certifications in Leadership, Sales, Customer Service, Team Building and other competencies in order to unlock all the membership benefits.

Next, Elamant thrives on heavy doses of mentorship. Just as the baby elephant learns the jungle from its mother, Elamant welcomes its new members to the “jungle” of entrepreneurship with high energy, information rich mentorship sessions that feed the mind and the soul. Respected guest speakers often join the Zoom meetings and offer soft skills training to boost the business acumen and confidence of those participating online.

Last and certainly not least, the goal is longevity. Elamant creates and environment that makes people want to stay and grow with the company. Its visionary leader and CEO Ryan Evans is the heartbeat of the elephant. He pumps life into them at every opportunity; constantly encouraging them to push themselves to do better than ever imagined and to stay with the company through its growing pains as it disrupts the worlds of Education Technology and Data Collection.

The business model is simple: Grow Yourself then Grow Your Business. This subtle shift in philosophy is the catalyst for the rapid growth the Elamant members are experiencing. The company has eclipsed 150,000 distributors and even that number may seem small in a few short years.

Learn how Elamant is adding business elephants and better yet, learn how you could become one yourself. Visit for more details.

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