Ryan Evans – Man On A Mission

If you like reading about trailblazing entrepreneurs, guys and gals who are doing something exciting against long odds; the Ryan Evans story is one you need to know. In a recent interview, the Elamant International CEO revealed some exciting news about his company and some inspiring history about himself.

Ryan is a Midwest kid who grew up with humble beginnings. Now if you’re thinking, “I heard this story before,” you’d be wrong. You see Ryan Evans isn’t your typical rags to riches story. His story different because he’s different, very different.

Six years ago, Ryan lived in relative obscurity. He was an entrepreneur and did some cool stuff but nothing game changing. He was your everyday, hardworking family man. Then, in a moment everything changed. Ryan become a distributor in an international direct sales company. In a flash, he skyrocketed as one of the top salespeople, became a motivational speaker, traveled the world, lived in Singapore and empowered hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in the process. Keep reading. It gets better.

Ryan Evans discovered a few things on his rise to meteoric success: People are hungry for meaningful, professional development and mentorship. “They don’t just want Ra-Ra speeches”, Evans stated. “They want to know themselves better so they can actually BE better.” Ryan understands this better than most. He never went to college and learned everything from self-help books and bona fide mentors. “College wasn’t an option for me” Evans recalls. “However, becoming stagnant was also not an option. I knew opportunity would come my way and I wanted to be ready when it did.” Ryan was certainly ready, and he was also willing to take risks.

The company Ryan was working with ran into regulatory issues and was effectively shut down in the process. At a crossroads, Evans had two choices: return to life as it was before or do something transcendent, something legendary. Of course, he chose the latter. “I had never been a CEO and it’s a bit intimidating because there’s so much you don’t know” Evans remembers. “However, jumped in feet first because I had a vision and it’s working!”

Evans’ new company, Elamant International currently operates in Africa and Asia. What’s amazing is his business model has attracted tens of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking just a fraction of the success their leader enjoys. Ryan hosts weekly mentorship meetings with his team of distributors and even incentivizes them to grow through online professional development courses. He is committed to empowering those who have been forgotten. “Many would say, why Africa? I say why not?” Evans stated. “It’s filled with eager, ambitious people who just need a chance like I once did.”

The Ed Tech company founded by Evans is growing by leaps and bounds. Learn about Ryan Evans visit his company website https://myelamant.com.

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