The Unstoppable Force. Introducing Elamant U

Have you ever thought about what makes a person unstoppable? In the animal kingdom, the African rhino is known for charging an opponent at speeds of 20mph, with its eyes closed! The African wild dog is the most successful hunter of all land animals because it literally won’t stop until it runs down its prey. Every now and then, we find people who are just as bold, just as fearless and who won’t stop until they reach their goals. But what is that something that causes this and more importantly, can it be taught and replicated for the masses. Both answers are found in a term called emotional intelligence.

In school we learned all about IQ, the metric that measures our academic intelligence. The IQ score tells us who is great at math, science, reading and writing. However, according to Harvard University, the great and respected academic institution, it’s EQ and not IQ that matters most to business success. EQ is a metric that rates emotional intelligence. This is a term most have never heard about and it governs just about everything.

Emotional intelligence is the key overcoming adversity, making great decisions, maintain focus, increased productivity and so much more. The key question is how do you boost your EQ? That leads us to the next critical term you need to learn to excel as a professional: Soft Skills. Just as you go to the gym to build your muscles, soft skills training builds your emotional intelligence. It’s even harder to find great soft skills training than it is to find a phenomenal personal trainer. However, there’s one company that makes soft skills training a piece of cake: Elamant International.

Elamant U is the cutting-edge Ed Tech company that is transforming the way entrepreneurs increase earnings potential, confidence and overall success. Home based business owners can gain certifications in Leadership, Time Management, Conflict Resolution and Sales Presentations just to name a few. The best part is the content is video based and all lessons are delivered in power packed segments of 8 minutes or less. Want to learn more about this skills revolution? Visit

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